Webina: setting settings on BondMaster 600M to detect defects in composites with honeycomb structure

Time: April 18, 9:00 PM (21:00)

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This webinar shows the setup procedure on the BondMaster 600M to detect dissociation in nested composites using Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) mode. In the content will cover how to optimize settings to best detect smaller disbonds, as well as identify repaired areas that are separate from defects. In this webinar you will also learn more about mechanical impedance analysis probes, frequency calibration, signal calibration, and setup optimization so that different signal forms can be clearly interpreted. .

Presented by

Tommy Bourgelas, Product Manager, Eddy Currents and ECA


  • How to identify repaired areas in honeycomb textures using BondMaster 600
  • How to test honeycomb materials with Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) mode
  • How to optimize BondMaster 600 settings to facilitate signal interpretation

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