Các ứng dụng phân tích nhiễu xạ tia X (XRD)

The BTX II is a small, low cost benchtop combined XRD-XRF system. It is easy to use and has an overall low cost-of-ownership offering fast analysis of a variety of sample types – pharmaceuticals, agriculturals, hazardous materials, minerals & ores, petrochemicals and more. The BTX II ‘s high quality data and speed of analysis delivers quantitative real-time compositional chemistry in a small benchtop configuration.


  • Rapidly ID counterfeit pharmaceuticals
  • Fast, non-destructive fingerprinting of drug formulations & precursors
  • Test for presence and quantity of active and inactive, foreign or substitute ingredients
  • Fast XRD screening ensures patient safety and safeguards legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers’ branding


  • Quickly & easily check feed & fertilizer formulations and metal content
  • Ensure labeled ingredients match actual content
  • Quantify amending (active) ingredients, inert ingredients and forms (compounds)
  • Confirm gypsum & lime content
  • Minimize financial penalties by assuring manufacturer & regulatory tests are within investigational allowance


  • Rapidly ID dangerous hazardous materials for local & global security
  • Identify explosives, fusing materials & accelerants
  • ID & quantify suspected hazardous materials: azide’s PETN, black powder’s KClO3, KClO4 & KNO3, flash powder’s KClO3 & cascandite

Mining & Ores

In-Xitu XRD powder sample spinner
  • Iron Ore – Quickly analyze iron rich ore with Xpowder’s Reference Intenstiy Ratios to automatically generate quantitative compositions of the samples even when certain phases are completely absent – quartz, hematite, goethite, magnetite & more
  • Calcite in Coal – Quantify calcite (CaCO3), a mineral identified as reducing the efficiency of the raw material fuel in a coal-fired plant, to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  • Potash – Analyze potash for phase identification and semiquantitative analysis of identified minerals such as sylvite, halite, langbenite and leonite. For further refinement, Sietronics Siroquant is available
  • Limestone & Cement – Easily perform quantitative analysis of common minerals associated with limestone – alpha-quartz, asbestos minerals, calcite, dolomite and more. In cases where the quarry contains various levels of dolomite, the BTX II quickly determines this mineral in the range of 0.50 to 9.0% with an error of only 0.02%.


  • Mudlogging – Perform mineral ID and quantification on shale cuttings for rapid feedback at drilling sites – simplify “chasing the vein” of a given mineral strata
  • Pipelines – BTX II Smart Sense allows optimum peak-to-background performance to identify and quantify corrosion materials on pipelines; simultaneous XRF measurements give rapid identification of elemental constituents

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