Lớp bọc chống ăn mòn STOPAQ cho các công trình dầu khí

The name STOPAQ derives from “Stop Aqua”, or stop water. It reflects one of the tasks that was originally given to Frans Nooren to seal the leaks in the quay walls at the port of Rotterdam. To address this challenge, Frans built a pontoon at the base of the dam wall from which a compressor could operate. Divers were lifted into the water in a moveable elevator located between the pontoon and the dam wall from which applicators worked to seal the leaks in the quay walls. Using this approach, sand could no longer slip through the walls into the sea. This innovative solution worked without having to drain the water from the dam and thus a new approach of sealants and coatings was born. ISO 21809-3 coating acceptance criteria confirms that all STOPAQ system meet and exceed the testing requirement of this standard. Other standards Stopaq meets are BRL K/911, ISO12068 and ISO 20340.

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