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DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzers provide immediate results to help determine the next course of action for the entire process – exploration, ore grade/process control, environmental sustainability. On-site detection of metals, minerals & contaminants. GPS-GIS-XRF for instant metal mapping, time, cost savings

Mineral Exploration and Mining Applications

Field experience has shown that there are several very important considerations for the successful implementation of any portable XRF program: 1. initial orientation survey; 2. testing times; 3. sample representativeness, homogeneity, and sample prep; 4. site/sample specific calibrations; and 5. a solid QA/QC program which includes the testing of blanks, certified reference materials, and performing confirmatory lab analysis.

  • Base metals: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Mo
  • Gold, including pathfinders and litho-geochemistry
  • Uranium +/- rare earth elements; pathfinders
  • Nickel Sulfide and Laterite deposits
  • Iron Ore and Bauxites
  • Rare Earth Element (REEs) such as La, Ce, Pr, and Nd

  • REE pathfinders including Y, Th, and Nb
  • Phosphates and potash
  • Epithermal Sn, W, Mo, Bi, Sb deposits
  • Mineral sands- Ti, Zr
  • Coal, oil and gas
    — Mud logging and trace element chemistry

The Business Case for Portable XRF for Exploration, Mining & Metallurgical Processing

Mineral Exploration

Innov-X analyzers enable:

  • Due diligence during property acquisition
  • Qualitative chemistry of rock, chip, soil, and sediment samples at the early regional reconnaissance and mapping stages
  • Quantitative data during first pass regional soil, sediment, till, and trenching stages
  • Immediate identification of mineralized trends and anomalies, definition of drill targets, extension of soil sample lines
  • Adaptation of sampling and mapping programs in real-time to maximize exploration budgets
  • Pre-screening of samples to maximize efficiency of off-site laboratory testing
  • Increasing sample density in the most prospective areas
  • Analysis of air core, RAB, RC and diamond core samples during the drilling phase as the samples come out of the ground

DELTA handheld XRF for mining and mineral exploration

DELTA in Soil Foot

Mining and Metallurgical Processing

Portable XRF can provide productivity increases through on-site, immediate geochemical analysis results. Make decisions on the spot.

  • Instantaneous screening of blast hole samples in open pits allows for more efficient movement of ore/waste material by reducing the reliance on the turnaround time from the mine laboratory
  • Field analysis of stockpiles assists rapid blending and feeding to the mill
  • Real-time analysis of feeds, concentrates, and tails allow immediate dosing adjustments to be made in the processing plant
  • Underground grade control can be improved in certain settings by establishing sampling and analysis methodologies that involve DELTA portable XRF. Innov-X XRF’s aid the decision making process at the underground face in many underground mines around the world on a daily basis
  • Sample and matrix specific calibrations are usually required for mine-site applications. The DELTA is designed to be very easy to set up and use with multiple calibration models to ensure optimal performance – even for challenging light element (Mg, Al, Si) analysis

DELTA Handheld XRF for mining and mineral exploration grade control

DELTA for Grade Control

The DELTA Handheld XRF for Mining and Exploration

Olympus is the specialist manufacturer of portable geochemical analyzers for the global exploration and mining industry. Our comprehensive in-house expertise in utilizing technology for field geological scenarios sets us apart from the rest. The advanced analytical performance and broad element suite of the DELTA Mining and Exploration Handheld XRF means there is an Olympus field portable XRF for nearly any geological situation.

The Powerful Handheld XRF that Can Be Taken Anywhere

Get Fast Results for Immediate Action

Why Should you Choose Olympus DELTA Handheld XRF?

  • Specifically and purposefully designed instrumentation for infield mining and exploration uses
  • A specialist International Mining Group (IMG) created to focus solely on XRF and XRD analysis technology
  • IMG is staffed by experienced geological industry professionals who understand your business needs
  • Our commitment to long term partnering with exploration and mining companies- we stand by our technology and service over the long term

The International Mining Group
Focuses On

  • Pioneering technological advancements and geologyfocused innovations
  • Advanced training programs and ongoing global support
  • Specialist commodity calibrations and development of innovative applications
  • Mineral-specific accessories
  • Comprehensive methodology development and data management solutions
  • Real-time data integration with GPS and GIS

The Xplorer Package

Mobile GPS-GIS Mapping Solutions for your XRF

Pioneered by the International Mining Group geologists, the DELTA XRF-GPS-GIS Xplorer configuration provides seamless connectivity between XRF and GIS for rapid targeting and real time decision making.

The outcome for the exploration geologists is time an cost savings, improved data integrity, and an integrated, automated data management and validation process. The ability to map, visualize, assess, and follow up on targets immediately has genuinely changed surface soil/sediment geochemical exploration methodologies for the better.

Field Portable XRF data is transferred wirelessly, and spatially registered in real time using industry-standard Mobile GIS and State of the Art Trimble GPS Hardware, in addition to GIS Software (ArcPAD or Discover Mobile).

  • The result is live geochemical mapping in the field for visualization, gridding, and contouring in GIS, leading to rapid, informed decision making
  • Seamless integration into powerful geochemical analysis software such as ioGAS for first class data validation and QA/QC
  • Reduces human error related to XRF data transfer, GPScoordinate merging, and GIS integration
Third Party Software
(ioGAS/ ioHUB/ ArcGIS/ ENCOM Discover/ MAPINFO)