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DELTA Scrap Sorting Handheld XRF Analyzers provide reliable ID in 1-2 seconds for most alloy grades and pure metals. They are designed for durability to withstand the toughest processing environments. Get fast, reliable alloy sorting and analysis for a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in seconds.

Configured with a standard package of 25+ elements, the DELTA generates alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds. From simple sorting to challenging grade separations, the DELTA provides highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades

Olympus Innov-X DELTA handheld XRF alloy analyzer testing scrap stainless steel ribbons.

Non-Ferrous Alloys

DELTA analyzers excel with ease at quick analysis and ID of stainless steels, Ni superalloys, and other high alloy materials. Sort out heavy alloys based on low levels of Si and Al content.

Low Alloy Steels

Verify residual content in steels. Confirm Si, S and P content, along with Mn and alloying element levels.

Olympus Innov-X DELTA handheld XRF alloy analyzer testing scrap aluminum alloy

Aluminum & Light Alloy

With the technical advances of the DELTA analyzers, the range of light alloy capabilities continues to expand. Their outstanding Mg sensitivity enables you to confidently sort aluminum alloys once relegated to OES systems.



Sort out electronics components with precious metal content (Ag, Au, Pd, etc.). Separate and identify poisons and Pb-containing solders. Evaluate copper content in shredded materials.


Quickly sort out Pb-containing glass and glass-ceramic from recycling streams. Detect toxic elements.

Olympus Innov-X DELTA handheld XRF alloy analyzer testing scrap copper wire


Within seconds, separate brasses, bronzes, leaded alloys, and aluminum and silicon-containing alloys. Sort out Be-Copper using the DELTA’s nominal chemistry feature.

Precious Metals

plethora of gold for resale.




The DELTA provides nondestructive chemistry analysis, in addition to karat determination. Gold, silver, and platinum alloys, and more can be tested confidently. The DELTA is available with an integrated camera and small spot collimation for detailed analysis of small pieces.

Car Catalysts

Olympus has partnered with industry experts to develop calibrations ideal for the analysis of auto catalyst materials for precious metal content, including Pd, Pt, and Rh.


Monitor the chemistry of slags during melts for quality control and furnace life prediction. Sort and evaluate recovered slags from different melt operations.

The New Generation DELTA Premium Alloy Analyzer is an ergonomically advanced, forward looking design incorporating the latest in electronics, components, and software technology. This new DELTA has even better sensitivity and precision in faster time for more materials than before.

Testing times that once took 5 to 10 seconds with handheld XRF now take just 1 to 2 seconds to complete and provide even greater accuracy and precision. The analytical capabilities of HHXRF continue expanding, and new features continually make operators more effective and efficient. Make sure your HHXRF is a DELTA; the latest HHXRF loaded with innovative features and backed by the industry’s best service and support.

Innovative Features

The analytical capabilities of HHXRF continue to expand, and new features are continually enabling operators to be more effective and efficient. Make sure that your HHXRF is a DELTA: the latest HHXRF loaded with innovative features and backed by the industry’s best service and support.

DELTA for Scrap Sorting and Recycling

With Newly Available X-act Count™ Technology

Superior Light Element Analysis
Traditionally a difficult area for handheld XRF, the analysis of light alloys and elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) can now be routine with the DELTA Alloy and Metal XRF Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Analyzer with the newly available X-act Count™ Technology. Its integration with a 40kV Rhanode tube and automatic filtering provides fast, precise analysis of transition and heavy metals, and sensitive measurement of light element content. SmartSort maximizes testing throughput – sample by sample, testing is automatically extended or terminated – maximizing accuracy and throughput.

DELTA SDD Analyzer Benefits

  • Magnesium (Mg) detection down to 0.20%
  • Quick and accurate quantification of S content in stainless and low alloy steels
    — Reliable identification of 303 and 416 grades
  • Measures Si and Al in stainless, bronzes and other alloys
  • Measures P in carbon steel down to 0.014% with exclusive 3-beam Alloy Plus calibration
  • Extensive grade library combined with SmartSort provides nominal chemistry for light elements when the fastest testing speeds are required
DELTA SDD Analyzer Benefits
Correlation plot of Phosphorus (P) in Low Alloy Steel Analysis by DELTA Premium SDD Analyzer.

SmartSort Mode

Automates sorting decisions, enabling even inexperienced operators to maximize both speed and sorting accuracy.

  • Maximizes efficiency for speed testing – automatically extends tests for light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) when absolutely necessary eliminate unnecessarily long tests, and mix-up.
  • Stop over-paying! SmartSort knows when to extend testing to find the Aluminum in red metals or Nickel grades.

analysis results

Analysis results display of “nominal” value.

Nominal Chemistry

  • Nominal chemistry provided for “invisible” elements, based on grade ID.
  • In just a second, get a warning that a bronze is an “aluminum bronze” or a that a copper is a “beryllium copper.”

Tramp Library

  • Enables the operator to set a max tolerated concentration for tramp and residual elements in grade families.
  • The DELTA comes preloaded with a tramp library based on industry standards
  • The Delta reports tramp material and uses the tramp library to improve grade IDs based on residual content fluctuations.

Grade Match GMM

Grade Match Message (GMM) in real time


Popup GMM at the end of the test

Grade Match Messaging

  • GMM offers superior user efficiency & effectiveness for:
    • Immediate sorting instructions
    • Reduced operator training
    • Increased efficiency and higher throughput
  • Assign a match message to any grade.
  • Use real time or pop up messages or both.